Among the electric motorcycles produced by Mersad Company of Tehran University is the GT model motorcycle, which according to the technical features of the product can be a suitable purchase option for those who are looking for an electric motor for their daily work. This electric motor with a 5000 watt brushless motor can reach a speed of 90 km/h, which is a tempting number when buying an electric motor!

You can travel up to 60 kilometers per full charge of the GT model motorcycle, so you can charge your electric motor according to the time required to do your daily tasks.

Another important point about the GT electric motorcycle is that when ordering this product, you can specify the type of battery mounted on it. Two types of batteries are considered for the GT model motorcycle. 72 V 40 ampere-hour acid battery and 72 V 50 ampere-hour lithium battery. The most important advantage of lithium batteries over acid types is that the lithium battery provides more travel distance for the motorcyclist. In addition, the lithium battery is portable and you can remove the battery from your engine and recharge it at home or anywhere else.