Aras International Campus

In response to the request of a large number of Iranian students both inside and outside the country, as well as non-Iranian applicants, the Aras International Campus of the University of Tehran (UTAIC) was established in the summer of 2019. This campus is located in the industrial and commercial free zone of Aras in Jolfa city, next to the beautiful Aras river, near the borders of the Republic of Armenia and Nakhchivan. Benefiting from the experiences, qualified professors and institutionalized programs of Tehran University have made UTAIC a worthy place for students.

The goal of Aras campus is to participate in the education of students, promote scientific research methods, and develop advanced technologies.


Institute of Applied Intelligent Systems

The Institute of Applied Intelligent Systems (IAIS) was established in Tehran University in 2017 in order to solve economic problems by using information technology (IT) knowledge. In order to realize the vision of connection between industry and university, this research institute is trying to be a pioneer in promoting initiatives in three main areas – academic development, strategic research and organizational development.

In the scientific and practical dimension, the aim of this institute is to develop intelligent organizational systems in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and Internet of Things (IoT), etc. A combination of theory, software, mathematics, calculations and hardware expertise have come together in this research institute for the purpose of research in the field of intelligent systems.

With the cooperation of this research institute with Aras International Campus, it is possible to study at the master’s degree in information technology in software engineering, artificial intelligence, social and computer networks, and the Internet of Things.



The Institute of Applied Intelligent Systems – University of Tehran (IAIS) annually awards scholarships to young researchers whose research topic is in line with the ongoing research in the institute. Research projects that focus on solving the economic problems of society using IT can continue their activities under the support of the research institute.

Some examples of topics of interest include e-customs, e-supply chain, business social networks, blockchain in supply chain, image processing, enterprise financial software, collective robotics, Internet of Things, wireless sensor network, etc.


Master of IT

This training course is designed both for IT specialists and for specialists in other fields. Benefiting from innovative learning methods in the form of industry-oriented projects in the digital laboratory of the university, which include important IT issues such as electronic customs, electronic freight, cyber security, blockchain in the supply chain, deep learning and smart cities is one of the distinctive features of this course.

At the end of this course, you will graduate as an information technology engineer who has up-to-date knowledge of all the world’s top technologies. Areas such as artificial intelligence network, cyber security and systems management, application development, Internet of Things and multimedia art are presented to you through advanced courses.