Internal messenger service

We Messenger

“We” is a multi-platform messaging service that started working with Android and web application platforms in 2017 and currently supports all platforms.

The We application works like other messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram and supports the basic functions of person-to-person, group and channel messages.


Features Implemented in We Messenger

  • Providing a complete API for building robots suitable for small and large organizations and robot builder services without having technical knowledge of programming
  • The possibility of making voice calls
  • Support for messages in Form format for use in complex organizational processes
  • Ability to send geographic location
  • Ability to manage groups and channels
  • Style support in texts for better display of texts
  • Benefit from animated emojis
  • The possibility of mentioning users in the group


Developing Features in We Messenger

  • Possibility of video call
  • Possibility of group calls
  • Ability to send geographic location online
  • Having moving stickers
  • Possibility of making voting
  • Possibility of payment with the help of Moneasy App and payment for robots

We messenger is fully encrypted, safe and protects people’s privacy and is not affiliated with any organization and will not provide any information for data analysis to individuals and institutions.