National plan

Intelligent System of Customs Monitoring using Drones



Supervision of customs affairs in the world is of great importance and all modern countries, in addition to using existing systems such as cameras, related equipment, and specialist personnel, are using new tools to minimize the possibility of human error in the supervisory and their operations.

The existing problem is that the inspection of customs areas and transportation routes to them requires very powerful and coordinated hardware and software due to the large dimensions of the area. For this reason, a few countries (Germany, and Japan) are planning to test these systems in their customs system, and the news of such activities has recently been published on the official website of WCO.

Islamic Republic of Iran , as one of the most principal countries in the region in terms of customs relations, needs a supplement to carry out more reliable transfers and, of course, more accurate control of the statistics of entry and exit of various goods.

Following the implementation of the national plan of the Intelligent system of Customs monitoring using Drones, a tripartite agreement was approved between the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Presidential Scientific Vice President and the Samie Applied Intelligent Systems Company, during which 10 drones  were designed and produced.

This project was presented in the form of a complete set of hardware (intelligent flying robots) and related equipment such as Ground Station System, comprehensive controller software and management system.