Removing intermediaries from your company’s financial transactions

Money Wallet

Moneasy Wallet allows individuals and organizations to receive and pay money online, safely and easily with others with just a mobile phone number or an email. Large companies and small businesses can easily use this service for their small and large transfers without having to deal with extensive banking relationships, eliminate intermediaries and follow up on their financial transactions with ease.

Features Implemented in Moneasy Wallet

  • Support for personal and organizational accounts
  • Top up the user account through the bank portal
  • Withdrawal from user account to bank account
  • Fast and safe money transfer
  • Support for corporate group accounts
  • The possibility of paying on a mobile phone
  • The possibility of creating an organizational subscription in order to withdraw from user accounts
  • Support for multi-step payment processes
  • Support virtual account and issuing discount code for better customer service management
  • Support for the possibility of instant sharing of transactions
  • Support for some automatic withdrawal and transfer processes
  • Ability to pay bills