Java Programming Language

Java programming language (Java) is an index, high-level and general-purpose language that can be implemented in various operating systems. Java can be called the mother language of the Solaris operating system. The main characteristic of the Java programming language is its object orientation, which means that pre-written codes can be reused in this language. In this regard, the main slogan of Java, that is: “Write once and use everywhere”, is a very important issue. Another positive point of this programming language is that people familiar with C++ language can learn Java language more easily and quickly.


Who is the Java programming course suitable for?

  • Those who are interested in getting important and lucrative jobs in Iran and abroad.
  • Those who want to work in mobile and web development in the future.
  • Newbies to programming who want to make a long-term investment.
  • Those who intend to be the vital pillars of the technology labor market in the coming years.
  • Those who are increasing their ability level with the purpose of job or study migration.

Who is not suitable for the Java programming course?

  • Those who do not have enough time for continuous learning and practice
  • Those who can not tolerate a lot of challenge and risk in exchange for a lot of progress
  • Those who intend to enter without knowledge about this field and only with the motivation of high income


Course Duration

100 hours

Course Capacity

10 Members

Course Place

Institute of Applied Intelligent Systems