Faculty Board


Rahbar, Farhad (1959)


دکتر فرهاد رهبر
  • Ph.D. in theoretical economics, University of Tehran
  • Master’s degree in theoretical economics; University of Tehran
  • Bachelor of theoretical economics; University of Tehran
  • Vice Chairman of the Strategic Council of the Tax System
  • President of Islamic Azad University
  • Member of the Coordination Committee of the Special Higher Education Development Council of Payam Noor University
  • Academic staff member and academic expert in the Council for Policymaking and Strategic Supervision of Research and Technology in the Oil Industry
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Center for International Scientific Studies and Cooperation
  • Membership of the National Higher Education Committee affiliated with the UNESCO Commission
  • Member of the board of trustees of the organization of studying and compiling human science books of universities
  • The head of the management and planning organization of Tehran University’s evening course
  • Supervisor of educational affairs of Tehran University
  • Deputy Minister of Economic Information of the Ministry of Information
  • Director General of Economic Studies of the Center for Strategic Studies
  • Economic expert of the prime minister
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