Arduino Programming Language

Arduino (Arduino) is a programmable and expandable hardware that by learning it, you can step into the field of making and implementing electronic and robotic ideas.

If you are interested in learning a simple yet powerful programming language to build your creative ideas, Arduino programming tutorial is exactly what you need.

Why Arduino?

One of the problems that microcontrollers have is the large amount of content and their complexity for a beginner. Coding them at the beginning is often difficult and exhausting and causes a lot of frustration for newbies. Arduino has solved this problem to a large extent and beginners can start working with microcontroller without getting involved with complex concepts.
In fact, the most basic purpose of making Arduino is to provide everyone with the ability to use a microcontroller. It is interesting to know that by using it, you don’t even need to have a detailed knowledge of the microcontroller you are using.

Purpose of learning Arduino

The purpose of the course is to acquaint students with the world of digital electronics and automation, transfer the concepts of open source systems and their development and practical use, prepare students to enter the world of microcontroller coding and create the ability to do microcontroller projects in them. .


Course Duration
60 hours
Course Capacity
10 Members
Course Place
Institute of Applied Intelligent Systems