Workshop on customs new comprehensive system for The Information technology officials

Recently, a special workshop was held for the IT officials of IRICA, regarding IRICA’s brand new comprehensive system which was directed by IRICA’S CEO, Dr. M. Karbassian.

According to IRICA’s public relations department, in the start of this workshop, in his speech, Dr. Karbassian congratulated the birth of the eighth Shia Imam, Imam Reza (AS), and also emphasized the great role of IT in customs daily processes. He also stated that: “IRICA has been a resilient pioneer in the field of IT”.

He continued his speech by expressing his thanks to all partners who help and support IRICA in providing quality services to clients. In his speech, he also stated: “In the past, an exporter had to visit the customs office in person which wasn’t really pleasant for the exporter. But now, thanks to IRICA’s new comprehensive system, businessmen and exporters can now pass customs clearance processes, right from their desk in their office by “a click of a button”. ”

Dr. Karbassian also highlighted the important role of IRICA’s new comprehensive system and defined it as “decisive” in preventing forgery of documents.

The director of IRICA’s Information Technology and Communications department, Mr. A. Baeedi Moffarad Nia, was also another present speaker at the workshop.

By referring to the history of IT in IRICA, he stated: “The driving factor of IRICA is IT. When we wanted to create IRICA’s new comprehensive system, we were very lucky in meeting a team of young and enthusiastic professionals from the Institute of Applied Intelligent systems of the University of Tehran, as well as a group of IT professionals at IRICA. We are eager in using national capabilities in development of such system.”

He then addressed the officials at the IT department of IRICA and said: “Custom authorities shouldn’t just focus on IRICA’s Comprehensive System and the International Trade software; but rather should act as a catalyst.

It is notable that the workshop on IRICA’s new comprehensive system was dedicated to IT officials of IRICA, which lasted for three days in IRICA’s Mehrabad convention Centre.

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